About Sidra

Sidra’s fascination with human behaviour led her to observe and recognise the patterns in people’s actions. By establishing when the patterns were first created, Sidra was able to work with people to dissolve blocks and limitations in their health, wealth and relationships. This led her to start her career as a KEY Awakening Facilitator, where she focused on anxiety, depression and infertility.

Sidra created a number of different workshops as she developed her skillset and the tools that would form the basis of her work. After discovering that values, beliefs and challenges were the sum of the programmes within the psyche, Sidra developed Access Body Consciousness (ABC), an omnipotent tool that could access the ‘echo’ of an issue and so dissolve it.

As a facilitator Sidra quickly learnt that it wasn’t enough to resolve issues for her clients. The real value was in empowering her clients to heal themselves. 

This later inspired Sidra to create a healing art with a difference. Sacred Healing Arts (SHAs) uses a cutting edge technique which allows the viewer to perceive their current block, be it in abundance, depression, creativity, within the artwork.

As a result of her research, Sidra continues to be invited as a keynote speaker in 4 continents about subjects ranging from empowerment and relationship management to work/life balance and energetic business mastery

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