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Sidra jafri

Sidra created a number of different workshops starting her workshop career with her first 1 day workshop called “Integrating U”, it was there the foundation of the ‘Awakening 9 principles’ was set. After discovering that values, beliefs and challenges were the sum of the programmes within the psyche, Sidra developed Access Body Consciousness (ABC), an omnipotent tool that accesses the ‘echo’ of an issue and so dissolve it.

Her personal journey led her to become an avid student in the field of Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, ENLP, Divine Healing, Reiki – and that’s just to name a few!

This insatiable quest for ‘understanding the nature’ of our behaviours and actions led to the breakthrough that would complete her awakening.  

After consolidating the data on 18000 hours from consulting the energetic field which has become the basis of her work. Her research led her to form a universal code of consciousness that makes up a person’s health, wealth, relationship and spirituality levels. This distinct pattern that ran across the board, transcends the limitation of colour, culture, cast, religion and gender.  

As a result a variety of tools have been developed alongside ABC, which are being including her second book, The Awakening – 4 Portals to Gain Higher Levels of Love, Power, Abundance and Purpose in your Day to Day Life, all of which are proving effective amongst individuals as well as schools, hospitals and businesses.

Sidra is currently consulting at School of Awakening, a global online school which delivers online courses each offering tools, techniques and educational audios/videos designed to help you start experiencing life from a perspective that brings awareness, understanding and resolution.

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Sidra Jafri is a fresh voice who lovingly opens the conversation about releasing our past and stepping into our future”

– Tori Hartman