Are you living life in abundance or scarcity? Part 2

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One thing that really stops people from being in the vibration of abundance is scarcity. Scarcity is made up of greed. Greed is the vibration of envy gone wrong. What is Abundance? How does one feel abundant in life?

I see many people – no matter how much money we have, how much beauty we have, how good relationships we have, there’s still a void inside us that says “I want more” and that does not allow us to truly resonate in the vibration of abundance.

Another example, once you have achieved a goal you get really happy, but the happiness is followed by a thought –

“What’s next?”

“What am I achieving next?”

“What am I going for next?”

And that is a self-fulfilling vibration of lack of abundance that keeps us stuck. No matter how much we convince ourselves that we actually have exactly what we require, our mind still thinks “it’s not enough”, “there has to be more to life”, “how can I get more?” The question of “what’s next” is what drives human behaviour – “how can I get more of what I have?”

We say in the Law of Attraction that “what you appreciate appreciates” – the problem we face with this mindset is – when we appreciate something with the intention of it growing, the undercurrent of that is that you’re not really in acceptance of what you have. The undercurrent is saying “I’m only appreciating you because I want more of it and you are not enough”.

It’s the “not enough” vibration (not enough skills, not enough time, not enough materials) which is really the motivator behind all of our actions. If you listen to people carefully, people are giving clues of who they are – not in the big things they do, but in the little things – when buying lunch, when driving, etc. That gives a clue as to which vibrational frequency you are operating from. It’s who you are when someone is trying to take your place. Do you go and grab it and say “no, it’s mine” or do you let it go and say “something even better will come up.” If you can genuinely feel that some better opportunity will come up then you are in the vibration of abundance… which is enoughness.

The vibration of abundance is the vibration of enoughness.

Vibration of ENOUGH says may I have

  • enough pain to keep me growing
  • enough problems to keep me entertained
  • enough friends to keep me in laughter
  • enough sorrows to help me appreciate the joys
  • enough creativity to drive my sparks
  • enough struggles to grow my mind
  • enough troubles to get me out of bed and move
  • enough support to allow me to achieve

So it is the vibration of ENOUGH that creates ABUNDANCE in our energy. Abundance means HAVING ENOUGH. Many people confuse abundance with richness. They think abundance means “being rich”. Being rich is an experience of being abundant. Being abundant means having enough and being enough.

Much Love

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