Accessing Inner Peace!

3 Steps to Access Inner Peace

Consciously we all want a healthy body, perfect relationships and an abundant life. Somehow things don’t work out the way we planned. Pain and poverty get in the way of our peace and happiness.We begin to delay our peace by putting conditions on it.
“When I move from this place, I will find peace”.
“When I meet my perfect partner, my heart will be at peace”.
“Only when I am earning an ‘x’ amount of money, my mind will be at peace”.

Life keeps getting hard as we keep trying to take control of our lives. Peace and happiness get pushed into the oblivion of the future. Each day brings pain of heartbreak when we watch the news, meet people around us or struggle to find peace with all the external challenges.


Because we are addicted to pain and suffering at some level. This is destroying the inner peace without us even being aware that ‘life doesn’t have to be hard.’ Peace is within. Once we release the addiction to pain and suffering, we can access inner peace.  I believe that sometimes the addiction to pain is so deep rooted that it can be more dangerous than being addicted to substances such as alcohol and drugs. Classically,  these addictions show up in the form of sabotaging the relationship or procrastinating the task that will get us the next promotion.

Why are we so addicted to pain and poverty?

The answer to this is that many of us are not aware that our addiction to pain comes from programs that we learn from our parents, who learnt from their parents, ancestors and so on. Science tells us that everything is energy. Energy cannot be destroyed but changes form. It also contains information which has been researched in Neuro Science. It is suggested that some experiences can influence subsequent generations. Mice trained to fear a specific smell passed on their trained aversion to their descendants, which were then extremely sensitive and fearful of the same smell even though they never had encountered it, nor were trained to fear. This means that experience of our parents and grandparents markedly influence our own map of the world. Their experience of war, pain and suffering is still in our genetic memory. As an Awakening facilitator, I have seen even weight loss issues are sometimes associated with ancestors being starved and the body remembers the starvation memory. This makes the body store all the food as it doesn’t want to ‘starve’ again.

The good news is that we can use our minds to update our cellular memory with more inner peace by breaking the patterns of our ancestors and live in peace and harmony with all of life. The following 3 steps will show you how to update your cellular memory so that you can access inner peace.

Step 1: Awareness

Awareness is the key to everything. Our realities are based on our awareness. We make choices in life based on what information we have about that situation. We can’t solve what we are not aware of. Awareness  allows us to address  the issue that is between us and our inner peace. In case of relationships, usually it’s our insecurities that destroy the inner peace. Awareness of this will empower us to work on our own insecurities instead of blaming our partners for making us unhappy.

So, the question arises “how do we raise our awareness?” and the answer is, “by asking questions”. Questions open us up to reach for the answers that are locked in our cellular memories and the only way to open them up is to ask questions!

One of my favourite ways to describe this phenomenon is through the following story:

A little girl asked her mother why she chopped off the lobster’s tail before boiling it. Her mother told her that she didn’t really know why but did it because that was what her mother used to do. When the girl asked her grandmother why she used to chop off the lobster’s tail, her grandmother shrugged and said that there must be a good reason for it because her mother did it that way. When the girl asked her great-grandmother why she chopped off the lobster’s tail, the elderly lady was baffled and said, ‘Don’t tell me they’re still doing that! My pan was too small, so I had to cut off the tail to squeeze it all in.’

Start questioning the validity of your reality by asking questions! Ask yourself when you are in pain, “where is this coming from?” or “whose pain am I living?” You will be surprised at the thoughts that will come into your awareness as a result of these questions. Quantum physics tells us that an act of observing an event changes the results. This means that awareness is the basis of all change! As soon as we become aware of our behaviour we have a choice to change it.

To do that, I suggest the following exercise:

Take a paper and pen. Think of an aspect of your life where you require more peace. It could be health, relationships, money or work. Write down the question, “What is destroying my peace in this area?” Then without thinking just keep writing whatever is coming in your mind. Spend a few minutes just clearing your head and emptying your mind. Then hold the paper in your hand and say the following words: “I welcome the awareness of these feelings which are creating the current reality that I am living. I am 100% committed and willing to take full responsibility of my own happiness. Thank you”. Then rip the paper into pieces and shred it. This will signify letting go of all the emotional blocks that are stopping you from being in peace.

If at any time you feel you are lacking peace, ask, “How can I be at peace right now?” your mind will look for all the ways that you can be at peace right now and you will start becoming aware of those feelings and things that brings you peace.

Step 2: Forgiveness

Awareness brings up all those events and memories from the ‘collective unconscious’ (our personal and genetic memory store house) that has been blocking our inner peace. Forgiveness is the only thing that sets us free from those memories so that we can be at peace at all times regardless of what is happening outside of us. Forgiveness doesn’t mean we are weak. It only means we are strong enough to let go of the past for a more fulfilling present. When we resent someone, we are holding a burning coal in our hands and hoping that it will burn the other person.

The following process will help you forgive and let go of all that is destroying your inner peace.

Forgiveness Process:
Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Put yourself in the most comfortable position and relax your mind and body by taking a few deep breaths. Now create a picture in your mind that you are on a beautiful beach. Feel the golden sand beneath your feet. Imagine seeing the beautiful blue sea. Hear the sound of the ocean, the waves, smell the salt in the air. Feel the sensation of the sun on your skin….

Imagine walking over towards your left by the shore…. as you are walking, you find a piece of driftwood.  You pick up that piece of wood and draw a big circle around you. Now think of all the events, memories, people that might have hurt you or your family. Feel the feelings of any anger, guilt, regret, fear or resent. Now create symbols on the sand representing all those feelings, events and people. Fill the entire circle with all those symbols. Then step outside the circle and draw a symbol representing you.

Now Imagine saying the following words: “With love,  I forgive all those who have created pain in me. I forgive myself for keeping this pain. It no longer serves me. I let go of all the judgements, beliefs, decisions that I made or my ancestors made which keep us stuck in pain and suffering. I declare it complete”.

As you say these words,  imagine a huge wave coming and washing all the pain, the hurt, the anger, the guilt away from your cellular memory and filling it with peace. Use this process as often as you can to release yourself from pain.

Step 3: Appreciation

Forgiveness releases all the pain and suffering. Appreciation enhances all the blessings we are experiencing in life. What we appreciate, appreciates! In order to gain inner peace in our life, we must start appreciating what we currently have in our lives. Appreciation also helps us to stay clear of jealousy and comparison which destroys inner peace.  Jealousy only means counting other peoples’ blessing instead of our own. Keeping an appreciation journal will make sure you maintain inner peace.

Appreciation Journal:

Each night just before you go to bed make a list of 10 things you appreciated in your day. After writing the things., imagine in your mind’s eye, there is a stage and on that stage are all those people who contributed positively in your day. 

Say to them,” I thank and appreciate each and every one of you for contributing towards my day. May you all receive my blessing and appreciation”. “I Bless my life with peace”

The GOOD NEWS: The more you follow these steps on a day to day basis, the more your life will become full of ease and you will have greater inner peace at all times.

If you are ready to move to the next level to master the inner peace, then  join us at the School of Awakening where you will raise your awareness, expand your consciousness and get on the sustainable path leading you to live an Awakened life. May you have courage and wisdom to rise above your past and programming … Life doesn’t have to be hard. We just need to act in love and courage.

Until we connect again,
Keep allowing miracles

Sidra Jafri

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