Decisions! Decisions! Have you made your decision yet?


“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped” ~Tony Robbins

The Awakening LIVE EVENTS, were known for delving deep into the spirit world and exploring various topics showing up in our lives.

One of the questions I got asked was around decisions… “If things are not working and you have been trying for years, how do you know when to move on?”  I answered that question with my favourite story.

Once upon a no time, there was a frog and his name was Freddie. Now one day, Freddie found himself in a bit of a pickle. He had been looking for some food in a human’s kitchen and accidentally jumped into a pot of lukewarm water. Now this was an enormous pot and as Freddie was so little, he was difficult to spot.

Did you know that just like human beings, frogs have this amazing ability to adapt their body temperature to their external environment?

So Freddie found himself in this warm water and thought to himself, “What should I do? I can either jump out or adjust myself to suit the water”. Decisions decisions!! Freddie decided to adjust his body temperature and got comfortable in the warm water.

The chef came along and turned up the heat slightly and then dashed off. And again, Freddie used his energy and strength and adjusted his body temperature to suit the temperature of the water. Then finally the chef came along and really turned up the heat to boiling point, ready to cook his soup.

Freddie then realised that now was the time to make a decision to jump out of this pot. He had never liked the warm water in the first place and now it was just too much to handle. So Freddie swam to the side of the large pot and tried to jump out. But his attempts were futile as he had used up all the strength he had in his attempt to adapt himself to the water….now when he wants to jump, he can’t…so he simply let go and died.

Now the question is, what killed Freddie the frog?

You might think it was the boiling water, but the truth is that it was Freddie’s inability to make a decision at the right time that cost him his life.

When I shared the story this time, I had a very mixed response from the audience. Some of them were feeling like Freddie.

Then someone asked me another question,

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“What would happen if Freddie jumped out of the pot and found himself in a hot frying pan?”

That was a thought provoking question and I have seen many people thinking  the same. My response to the second question is that in order to make sure that Freddie jumps out on a safe surface, it is important that he makes a decision to learn why he was thrown in the pot in the first place.

Same goes for us! Unless we make a conscious decision to learn the lesson of why we attracted that situation in the first place, we will keep moving from the first situation to the next and finding the exact same feeling over and over again.

The reason why most people don’t make a decision is because they are afraid. Afraid of the unknown, making the wrong decision and even afraid of change. Not knowing that, it is this indecision that is costing them their life at some level.

All of life is growth, which means that a rose bud is meant to turn into a rose, an acorn is meant to grow into a mighty oak tree, even a tiny little seed underneath the ground will eventually come out of the darkness and become a plant. If they do not grow, then they die as buds, acorns and seeds. The same goes for us! We are either growing or regressing… but we convince ourselves that ‘life is ok the way it is’. However, just like Freddie, many of us find ourselves in that situation where the water is simmering and we constantly try to adjust ourselves and avoiding making a decision to change. It’s no wonder so many of us are having breakdowns, health concerns, depression and relationship issues.

The truth is that irrespective of how we want things, life will present us with growth, so that our soul can integrate the lesson that it is looking for as a result of that challenge. Pain is a natural process of growth, even when the body is growing, many kids experience growth pains. However, suffering is created when we remain indecisive and not using those experiences to learn and grow. It becomes our decision of either integrating those lessons or being dragged with the currents of life and finding ourselves in the same situations.

That is exactly what we cover at the Earth Mastery program, equipping you with the tools so that you can make a conscious decision and have the courage to learn the lesson that your soul is looking for.

Once you make a decision to embrace growth, the suffering will automatically fizzle out and you will experience a sense of relief as a result of decision making.

Maybe you didn’t decide where you came from but you can definitely decide where you want to go from here. When you make a decision, the decision makes you.

So if you are truly ready to take charge of your decisions and are prepared to take charge of your destiny then join us at our Earth Mastery program, on a journey where you will learn to make decisions with awareness and have the ability to address the fears that come with change.

Remember, our decisions create our destinies. Is it time you create yours?


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