How Do You Deal With A Conflict?

Have you ever witnessed a conflict at work? Or have you ever been in a conflict with someone in general?

Conflicts aren’t very uncommon in our personal lives, work or businesses. No matter where it occurs, you’ll be surprised to know that it follows the same Principle of Awakening, “Everything Is Energy”.

So, according to the principle, our thoughts are energy or vibration. When there’s a conflict, the reason usually lies in the difference in the thought form. So one person might have certain ideas about the project while the other person completely opposes them. As each person gives off a certain energy, they both function on different frequencies because of their thoughts and feelings. With this difference, their energy will get entangled together and the end result will be a conflict.

Another law of physics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it is simply converted. So whatever is said or felt around us, has an impact on us, long after it’s finished, this is why discord between two people can easily affect the whole household or the team! In order to avoid conflict, people need to resonate with each other so that there is harmony between them. One way to understand what sort of energy is being created is listening more carefully. Words are a gateway to peoples’ mind. Often times, we miss out on what people are truly trying to communicate because we have different thoughts.

So I would invite you to try the following, no matter where you are. Instead of following your thoughts, listen carefully to what the other person is saying. Pay attention to what sort of words they are using? Activate the Principle of Awakening, “It takes one to see one” and really imagine yourself living through the words of that person. You will start to notice a difference in your reaction towards that person as the thoughts that you related from are no longer the same.

Remember that, decisions create destiny, however you choose to respond will determine the outcome. So choose to respond better!

Until we connect again,

Keep allowing miracles.

SJ xx

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