Is Your Life Changing The Way You Want It To?

Change isn’t always comfortable… yet it’s worth it!

As you are on the journey of awakening, you know one of the key Awakening Principles is Growth Is Inevitable. After witnessing thousands of people experiencing The Awakening, I know you can’t possibly be in this vortex and have your life stay the same way.

The Awakening wakes you up to your truth and this truth has the ability to change your life. Once this truth touches your life, there is absolutely no way to go back. Your mind has expanded and the patterns which were once doormat are suddenly right in front of you.

That doesn’t mean change is comfortable though. I’ve noticed that most people want the same of what they have, currently, only better. So there can be a part of you that finds it hard to take action towards that change. You may find doubts and resistance kick in at this point.

Change makes you question who you are!

As you grow, your identity of who you think you are changes too. Suddenly, all the people you identified with, all the activities that resonated with you, your thoughts and even feelings are no longer the same. At this point, you may feel lost, disinterested, confused and don’t know how you’re supposed to live your life. You might even say I don’t know who I am anymore. Once you’ve ‘Awakened’ from the conditioning and programming ‘Identity Crisis’ is very common.

This usually occurs because with the loss of our identity, we subconsciously have a fear of the unknown. We have no backup plan which we feel will get us through. Fear is primal. It exists to protect us from losing the things that make us feel secure. But, this doesn’t mean you spend the rest of your life living in that fear. Nature always fills the void, once you’ve let go of your identity, it is very important to replace the space that has been left with something that serves you better.

To help you open up to your true identity, use the following process:

Think about yourself being exactly the way you most want to be… Living life on your own terms with what you really want to be doing. How do you stand, smile and speak? How happy and confident do you look? 

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy it!
When you are done, let your mind settle on an image that feels expansive and true to you.

To open up to the miracles of life we must surrender to the unknown.

Part of this process is feeling safe in the knowledge that the Universe has our back while we overcome our fears and discover our truth.

Life dances in the balance between inspiration to move forward and detachment to let it all go.

If you are ready to move on the next level to master change, explore the Resources tab, selecting the courses  feel moved to explore. Enjoy expanding your consciousness as you get on the sustainable path leading you to live an Awakened life.

Until we connect,

Keep allowing miracles SJ

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