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Surely there’s something that can be done to protect the innocent...

How can we avoid bad things from happening?

Recently, the news has been filled with reporting natural disasters, people being burnt alive in the name of honor and innocent children being shot in the name of religion. When we hear news like this it makes us wonder where humanity is heading towards. We think “surely there’s something that can be done to protect the innocent and avoid these bad things from happening?”

I was recently asked what my opinion was on incidents like these and what I felt towards those people who commit crimes and whether I believed in punishing those people for their sins?

I 100% believe that abusing, bullying or killing someone is not the way forward, no matter who they are and whatever the situation might be. I also believe that punishment is not the answer either, but education is!!

In my opinion, on this journey called life, we all behave according to the level of our awareness and education. This means that no matter what the action of the person is, in their mind, their behaviour is justified and they are convinced that it is the “right” thing to do on some level. Their behaviour is based on their level of consciousness.

If we work on educating these people, instead of punishing and labeling them, which will keep them in that same consciousness, it is much more beneficial to expand their minds and help them to evolve as a person.

Now you may ask, what shall I do and how do I help the world?

This problem has been solved by our friend Albert Einstein. He told us E=MC² meaning that everything is energy and whatever we perceive, see, feel, hear or touch is nothing more than energy particles moving at a certain rate. Therefore…

by simply using the power of energy you can create change in the world!

One of the most simple and profound techniques that you can use right now to make a difference is detailed below:

Every night imagine the event that disturbed you the most.

Now imagine light entering that scene.

Ask yourself, “What do I want these people to get as a result of this experience?”
Wisdom, love, compassion, healing, kindness, compassion..?

Now give the qualities you want them to experience a color and then imagine that grid of colour is entering those people and they are receiving the energy you are sending them.

You will not only feel lighter after this, but also start to notice the difference around you.

Remember, personal transformation equals global transformation, because you are a part of globe.

As much as it’s important to do something for the world, it is equally important to keep working on yourself and work on improving your own energies.

My book, The Awakening: 9 Principles For Finding The Courage To Change Your Life is full of these simple tools that if you apply in your life on a daily basis it will not only enhance your relationships, health and wealth, but also equip you with more tools to help others.


Having observed 80,000 behavioural case studies of men and women from all walks of life overcoming both collective and personal challenges in areas relating to wellbeing, career development and relationships. Sidra shares her insights and concepts which you are at liberty to test and comment below on your findings.

Your comments and application of the tips and exercises shared in these articles help us further cultivate our research. Our intention is to provide you with conscious creative tools on your awakening journey.  

May you find what you are looking for 🙂 


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