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This week has been a personal milestone for me as I launched my book: The Awakening: 9 Principles For Finding The Courage To Change Your Life. It was a surreal evening! All the years of hard work in developing the techniques, facilitating over 5000 hours in one to one sessions to perfect the tools, achieving great results and the transformations of thousands of lives, were all summed up in a book and this was it!

It made me feel a little sad, even though it should have been the most exciting day as my dream had finally turned into reality..
I looked inside and a part of my life was over! In one evening!

For so many years I had been on a mission to write “The Book” it was my identity and now it was over. This made me sad.

One thing that I have learnt on this journey is that identities can hold us back from growing. Everything is an identity. If you want to be in a perfect relationship and if you are single then that “being single” is an identity which you might use to express yourself. Later you might find a partner which will cause you to change your identity to “in a relationship”. A part of you will feel at loss of that previous identity and after a while that sad feeling might change to claustrophobia as you miss the old you.

The problem is when you are not aware of that “single person identity” as subconsciously you might cause pain in your relationship which might lead to a break up and then the “single you” is happy again!

Communication is the essence of life

and it can save unconscious patterns dictating our lives. Just like Pablo Neruda said “You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming”. 

Similarly we can hold on to your identities but you can’t stop change from coming.

The awareness is the key! The best way to identify how many identities you are wearing is to pay attention to your language. What or whom do you introduce yourself as?

I AM……. Man, doctor, woman, mother, Lawyer, Healer…….

These are simply the roles you are playing in your life.

Next is: What do you say about yourself?

I AM…… lazy, fat, happy, depressed, lonely, beautiful, ……….

These are the character identities

Unless you are willing to dissolve the old identities, they will keep coming back in the form of sabotaging any potential or current change.

After becoming aware, it’s important to acknowledge that identity, communicate with it by saying to yourself, “I am open to change”.
If you are working on relationships, instead of saying “I am single”, say “I’m open to being in a relationship”. If you are working on money, instead of saying, “I am broke”, say; “I am open to being financially abundant”.

These little changes in your language will simply open you up to embracing a new identity.
Remember, Growth is inevitable and destined. We can delay destiny, but we can’t stop it. So, the quicker we acknowledge and embrace change the easier this journey will be.

Last night we also hosted the second of our special Healing Thursday’s Webinars. From now until July’s Soul Spa I am on a mission to shift as many of your lives as possible. You are in this vortext for a reason and Healing Thursday’s is all about igniting your light as the leading edge of concsiousness and creating a space for healing ourselves and those in our lives. During the Webinar we will also ignite our light and increase our own healing abilities, so that we can shine and be the lightworkers that we were destined to be.

Register for next weeks Healing Thursday: Email 

Super excited to see you on Healing Thursday and please do comment and ask questions below, letting me know how the principles in this post helped shift your life.

Sidra x

Sidra Jafri


Having observed 80,000 behavioural case studies of men and women from all walks of life overcoming both collective and personal challenges in areas relating to wellbeing, career development and relationships. Sidra shares her insights and concepts which you are at liberty to test and comment below on your findings.

Your comments and application of the tips and exercises shared in these articles help us further cultivate our research. Our intention is to provide you with conscious creative tools on your awakening journey.  

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