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Your Host, Leena
Facilitator, Sidra Jafri

Experience a 60 minute master class delving into the bodies consciousness and accessing the minds unlimited potential.

KEY Awakening Facilitator and Timeline Specialist, Sidra Jafri takes live calls to demonstrate the tools that continue to shift peoples relationships with themselves, with others and the Universal Laws at play.

Enrolment Coordinator, Rhaveen

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Learn ways to I N T E G R A T E these 9 Principles into your day-to-day life. Whether it's your health, finances or relationships you are working on, one of these 9 Principles could be the KEY to dissolving that block.

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Curious to know what is happening in the unseen when it comes to dissolving interferences? If you would like a chance to speak with Sidra LIVE, fill in the following form for a chance to picked on this seasons Conscious Upgrade Chat.