Learn To Forgive For Good

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5 simple steps that’ll teach you how to forgive for good

Most of us have probably experienced a situation where we feel that we have been wronged, hurt or treated unjustly. The event leaves a scar in our subconscious that continually and subtly reminds us of the wound, making it difficult for us to move forward. The truth about forgiveness is that its not for anyone else-its about you. For me, forgiveness means  letting go of all those emotions that are stored in my body, which I no longer want to feel.

Everybody knows it is important to forgive, however, forgiveness doesn’t come easily to everybody. This is why I have created these five simple steps which can help you forgive and let go of all those emotions that you don’t want to feel.

Step 1

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Put yourself in the most comfortable position and relax your mind and body by taking a few deep breaths.

Step 2

Now create a picture in your mind that you are on a beautiful beach. Feel the golden sand beneath your feet. Imagine seeing the beautiful blue sea. Hear the sound of the ocean, the waves, smell the salt in the air. Feel the sensation of the sun on your skin….

Step 3

Imagine walking over towards your left by the shore…. as you are walking, you find a piece of drift wood.  You pick up that piece of wood and draw a big  circle around you. Now think of all the events, memories, people that might have hurt you or your family. Feel the feelings of any anger, guilt, regret, fear or resent.

Step 4

Now create symbols on the sand representing all those feelings, events and people. Fill the entire circle with all those symbols. Then step outside the circle and draw a symbol representing you.

Step 5

Now Imagine saying the following words:

“With love,  I forgive all those who have created pain in me. I forgive myself for keeping this pain. It no longer serves me. I let go of all the judgements, beliefs, decisions that I made or my ancestors made which keep us stuck in pain and suffering. I declare it complete”

As you say these words,  imagine a huge wave coming and washing all the pain, the hurt, the anger, the guilt all away from your cellular memory and filling it with peace.

Use this process as often as you can to release yourself from pain.

As important it is to forgive others, it is equally important to forgive yourself as well.Remember you can use these steps to forgive yourself to let go of the guilt.

Still having trouble forgiving? You can join me live every Sunday for “Conscious Upgrade Chat” where each week we use different processes and tools to heal us. This will not only help you forgive yourself but will make forgiving others much easier.

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I would love to hear what you have experienced around forgiving someone. Leave a comment in the box below or on my Facebook Fanpage

Until we connect again,

Keep allowing miracles



1 thought on “Learn To Forgive For Good”

  1. I wanted to share and post my experience today after I took part in last nights webinar 16 / 03/16. Forgiveness has played a huge major role in my adult life and I am very grateful and empowered to be able to truly forgive.
    I have been aware of my spirit self since I was six years old and the life changing event of my parents divorcing that happened to me when I was six pushed me into my own journey of exploring, embracing and learning about my unique talents and gifts as a medium and psychic empath. My life has had many ups and downs twists and turns and I have been pushed and tested at many levels.
    Forgiveness was part of my pre – life contract and I didn’t discover that until recent years ( I AM CURRENTLY 52) But even before I knew that, I was pushed into forgiveness.. I grew up with my father as he gained custody of my sister and I when my parents divorced and over the next couple of years all contact with our mother stopped. I blamed my father for years and was very angry and so in my twenties I smoked a lot of weed and was in a deep state of feeling the loss of my mother and being angry at my father. Throughout these times the call of my spirit would pull be back from the edge and my higher self saved me in many ways. At the age of 26 my father dropped dead and my world crumbled. My step mother whom I had had a good relationship with abandoned me at that time and I felt and experienced a double loss. I continued to work on my spiritual journey and received some counselling which helped me fit the pieces of my jigsaw into place. In my late thirties I married a lovely , kind man and I have 2 wonderful sons.
    When I became a mum I wanted to find and heal my relationship with my birth mother. I did find her and we began the journey of self discovery of who and what our relationship was we were of course strangers to each other.
    A year later she sent me a letter saying she could not continue with our relationship and to please never contact her again.. I was shocked to my core and very upset.. at first..but I also felt relief and a release. All the answers I had been looking for were right in front of me and above all I needed to forgive. I spent the next 2 years releasing and cutting all my cords and healing my wounds. I forgave my mother, I realised she never had the emotional tools to be there for me, she had become my greatest teacher and I knew deep in my soul she loved me and I loved her. I forgave my father the blame and anger melted away and only the love remained in my heart for him. I forgave my stepmother, she too reacted from her own story of being abandoned by her own mother and today we have found peace. I forgave myself for indulging in abusive habits, but they too had been a blessing and a lesson.
    In 2012 I wrote a book and self published it called ” The Lost Parents ” sharing my story and also stories I collected from others who shared their pains and lessons of abandonment and loss of a parent. One of the themes of my book was forgiveness… When my book was done I let it go.. I have been pushed to sell and promote but that story is done and I said goodbye to an old part of my life because I chose to forgive. I am free and so I continue on my path opening my self towards my ascension, loving it all and just trusting I am guided towards my next goal.
    So thank you Sidra I am completely hooked on my ascension ride and I am enjoying your activations as well as my own.
    Blessings love n light to you and the dream team x

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