Are You Losing Faith?

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Everything on this planet is cyclical. It comes and goes – weather, seasons, days and nights. Same goes for our challenges. Sometimes life is flowing and everything is working out. Other times it’s stuck and nothing works. Sometimes nothing moves us and other times we flip on a simple comment. Riding the wave of these cycles is the key to living an awakened life. Thousands of people who experience The Awakening come there with hope. Hope that all their problems will go away and life after awakening will only be filled with highs. This is far from the truth. Awakening doesn’t take all of your problems away. On the other hand, it gives you the awareness around your challenges and the tools to address them. It is a lifestyle that supports you in becoming a better person as a result of growing through that challenge.

Many times we miss this core of awakening and start to lose faith on the journey when perceptively ‘nothing is working’. Feelings of being lost, abandoned and loneliness start to surface. Uncertainty takes over and the mind starts to question the validity of the tools. This is called the ‘integration/exam’ time. To evaluate the information from your consciousness into your conscience/being-ness. If you are going through these times then get excited as you are about to graduate into the next level of awakening. To ease these times and make sure you integrate the lessons, I suggest ‘Awakening time’ every morning. The following process is a 30 minute morning ritual that will accelerate your integration time and create the shifts with ease and grace. These are the 6 rituals to be carried for 5 minutes each in a sequential order.

  • 5 minutes conversation: Pick a journal and start writing as if you are talking to the universe. Whatever is coming to your mind, just put it on paper. It doesn’t even have to make sense. This is to open up channels of communication with The Universe.
  • 5 minutes silence: Exercise silence. Empty your mind and focus on nothingness. Allow your mind to drift and stay focused in being present.
  • 5 minutes resolution: Make a list of all those people whom you find challenging. Go through each person and in your mind’s eye imagine them and say ‘ I am sorry. I forgive you and be forgiven. We are both free. Thank you.’
  • 5 minutes appreciation: Write all the things you appreciate in your life. Non stop for 5 minutes. Whatever comes to your mind, just keep writing.
  • 5 minutes visioning: Imagine light entering your day and giving you the best possible day..week…month…year…life….. everything you do is filled with light.
  • 5 minutes manifesting: Take an aspect that you want to manifest in your life – more clients, fulfilling relationships, dream house, car…whatever it is, hold the intention and imagine yourself in a court yard. This is a special manifesting place in the inner planes. As you enter the courtyard, you are met by beings of light who are responsible for bringing the thought form into your reality. They circle around you…radiating love, peace, harmony and joy. Express your intention for manifesting…imagine grids of light coming out of you and entering your home, workplace – going to all those energies who will contribute towards manifesting the reality. Imagine now that it’s already happened and you are living with the new manifested reality. Feel the feelings of receiving in your body. Light is entering your body updating your DNA with new space, energy and consciousness in which you have received what you asked for with ease and grace.

Carry on with your day as an awakened being! Remember the challenges were designed by you/your higher self to turn the concept of divine qualities (love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion…) into your being-ness. In these ‘integration/exam’ times, your true mastery on these qualities are tested by your reaction to these challenges. When you spend the first 30 minutes of the day working on your true purpose of incarnation ‘awakening’, you will keep your state of consciousness higher throughout the day by being aware of yourself.

Lastly, if during these times you feel unsupported, unheard or abandoned; just know that the teacher is quiet at the time of the exam. You can also check out my Facebook Fan Page , where I keep updating tools and techniques to help you on your journey.

Until we connect,
Keep allowing miracles!

Sidra Jafri

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