Are The Emotions You Are Feeling Truly Yours?

Science tells us that we are all made up of energy. This means that we follow the laws of energy. As energy contains information, whatever is said or felt around us, has an impact on us. For example, if you enter a room, where people are celebrating, you will start to feel the mood of everyone else. However, entering a room where a heated argument took place earlier, you would be able to still feel the negative energy that was left behind. This will have an impact on your mood, even if you don’t feel it happening. On a day to day basis, we meet people and take in their emotions, and we pass on ours to them. This means that the person with the stronger emotion is felt by both parties.

One classic example of picking up on others emotions at work, is when someone is frustrated or anxious, and you suddenly become frustrated or anxious for no reason. What I always ask myself when in such situations, is the question: “Whose emotions are these?” The most common answer I get in the form of my thought is: “Not mine”. After recognizing that the energy is not mine, I often feel much calmer and lighter. You may be thinking, how is it possible for one question to change my mood? The answer is very simple – everything is energy and energy follows thought. When I thought of ‘that emotion’ leaving my body, the negative energy left my body. Unawareness of your energy can create tiredness, misplaced anger and unreasonable emotional reactions. If you can’t make sense of your emotions, chances are that they are not yours! The following steps will teach you to take charge of your energy, dissolve all those emotions that are not yours and create a protective energetic field around you.

1) Question the Emotion:

The first step to dissolve an emotion is to find out where it is coming from. As soon as you feel the emotion in your body, use the following questions to find out the point of creation of the emotion: ‘Where is this coming from?’ ‘Who does this emotion belong to?’ ‘What is really bothering me right now?’ ‘What is causing me to feel this way?’ ‘Who is making me feel this way?’

2) Take An Energy Shower:

Once you identify the root cause of the emotion, it is then important to release those emotions from your auric field. The following process will help you dissolve all those emotions that no longer serve you. Imagine a shower just a few inches above your head. Light is coming out of the shower just like water, washing away all the emotions from the top of your head, all the way down to your toes. Especially think of the emotion you were experiencing before and imagine it leaving your body as the light washes away the energy of that emotion from your aura. Breathe in light…. Breathe out the emotion…. Do this a few times until you feel your emotions neutralising.

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3) Create a Love Bubble:

This process will ensure you create a protective shield in your auric field so that no matter where you go, who you meet, only love will enter your auric field. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and become fully present in your body. In your mind’s eye, I want you to create an outline of your physical body. Take all your attention, all your awareness to your physical body and create an outline. Now imagine outside of your physical body, there’s your energy body. Become present and sense your energy body. Sense the quality of your auric field. Now, imagine that light is swirling around your energy body. Light of love, purity, harmony, grace, victory, abundance and joy. All of these vibrations are surrounding you, creating a cocoon of light. Your auric field will become invisible to all those emotions that are not yours. Breathe in and breathe out. This protective field will allow you to embrace love, wisdom, abundance and joy as your core frequencies. This is a very powerful process and will do wonders for you when you use it on a regular basis. Emotions are nothing more than energy in motion and you have a choice to experience your own or others! The choice is always yours.

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