Activate the light within in a space of unlimited light. This experiential retreat was established in 2012 for entrepreneurs, thought leaders and seekers of a holistic lifestyle looking to journey into the world of science and energetics to satisfy that innate feeling that there is ‘more’. Soul Spa is dedicated to breaking the current patterns of life. We believe that all of life is a dance between elements that shape our life.
Right here, right now, whatever you think your purpose is, it is limited because your current idea or meaning of your life’s purpose is based on the memories that you are carrying in your body, mind, emotions and soul.

We look forward to setting off on this precious journey with you. Prepare yourself to access your core essence, activate your souls mission on this remembrance experience. Connect with you Spa Chaperone for more guidance.

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A 4 Day Conscious Holi-day

Welcome to Soul Spa, this space is specifically created for you to experience the deepest revels of awareness, acceptance, connection, expansion, transformation and manifestation. The four days that you will experience are the most precious and have the potential to activate your true purpose.
In this sacred space you will have access to the core foundations upon which your personality is formed, which is currently forming your experiences in this plane which you are aware of.

Each day brings a new wave of consciousness and each day we will immerse in specific facets of our lives as purposeful beings.

This new wave of Soul spa experiences has been designed in life cycles of destiny building, fertility seeding, harnessing magic and igniting your soul purpose. Each season sees you master a new area of your life; how many you indulge in is your choice!

Destiny Season

Activate Your Destiny
Learn the meaning behind colours elevate your energy

Fertility Season

Travel through Time & Dimension Master your life through numberology


Journey from womb to tomb Upgrade your family matrix with Timeline Integration

Rememberance Season

Recall past life gifts to activate your soul symbol. Draw power from Cosmic Embodiment


Activate Your Destiny

Did you know that your name carries your destiny? Your name has an energy that dictates certain experiences in your life.

Join us in the Destiny Season to discover how you can access your true power as we activate your soul’s destiny and explore the the meaning behind your name.

If you are someone who finds yourself unsure of what your purpose is or are stuck in the same patterns, we invite you to join us to Activate Your Destiny as we immerse in 4 days where you will learn how to rewire your energy, upgrade your body’s consciousness and therefore the situations, people, places, opportunities you attract.

Destiny season teaches the language of colours as a means to elevate your energy, manifesting the vision of your dreams in a way that you have yet to discover.

Whatever your life experience, whatever your age, it’s never too late to Activate your Destiny!



Time & Dimensional Weekend

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to experience true abundance? Learn how to use your mind as a compass to build a successful and abundant life.

Travel through time and dimensions to discover who you have been, tapping into the past and drawing from it the wisdom and gifts that your soul harbours. This season teaches you the science of numbers and the algorithms that lead to success.

Whether you are a business owner or home maker, set a benchmark of excellency by introducing number mapping into your daily routine. Understand for yourself the behaviours, thoughts, emotions of those you live or work with by understanding their numerical makeup.

This spa explores numbers as the key to open the door to abundance and prosperous relationships. Start getting the results that you want by learning to read and better manage yourself, others and the space you share. 

Unleash the power of your mind. Gather the knowledge your soul has lived. Become the best version of you.



Timeline Integration

Have you ever felt as though you were living someone else’s life? Maybe you find yourself repeating the same patterns or reacting in ways that don’t sit well with you?

Join us for 4 days at the Timeline Integration Spa to experience a journey from womb to tomb, explore the very script that holds the key to the impressionable years of your life.

Integrate your past into your present and awaken your future, by exploring the language of sound, discovering how to activate your unique sound signature to start creating the experiences you desire. 

Gain higher awareness, harness your tonality and activate your gift of expression to enhance your character, whilst creating more harmony in your relationships, business and personal well-being.



Cosmic Embodiment

Embody your cosmic gifts as you re-visit the memories of your past lives, opening your gifts to integrate and remember who you have been before this time and who you will be after this time.

Remembrance season takes you on a journey through lifetimes to activate your soul’s symbol. Travel through time and space, experiencing your soul’s creation, understanding for yourself what it is you are made of and what you have come here to be! Cosmic Embodiment teaches you the language of symbology and it’s pure nature; helping you understand your purpose in this lifetime, making you UNMISSABLE, your energy UNDENIABLE.

This soul spa allows you to create your life’s purpose by channelling ancient wisdom. Journey beyond the 3D world, experience guided meditation that will take you into virtually real dimensions to assist you in bringing back the knowledge and power of your soul symbol.

Each Remembrance Season teaches a tool of divination such as tarot, runes and the ancient symbols of sanskrit. You will be surprised at what you come to learn when you delve into the language of symbols.



Unable to match our dates, or travel to the spa? Apply for a Library Pass and gain access to the spa of your choice. Receive all of the knowledge from the comfort of your home. Join the next Orientation class to start on your Light plan.