Journey Into Your Own Soul

I have a confession to make! I have been going through a challenge which I usually label as OCD – Obsessive Communication Disorder. When I dived deeper into it I realized that it was the fear of being alone. Not having anyone to be with. Have you ever felt that feeling? That feeling where you are too scared to be with yourself so you fill your physical life with lots of things. Books, movies, clients, friends, work, social media and just general day to day clutter.

It was so interesting that once I decided to go inside myself and go on this journey, I felt all my anxieties rise to the surface.

My initial thoughts were, “What will happen to my kids? My clients? My advanced members? My friends?”. Then I reminded myself about something I always get my participants to do at my live event “The Awakening”, I invite them to work on themselves and resign from being the CEO of the Universe. I then appointed myself as CEO of “Me Incorporated” so I could work on myself.

I have decided to activate a line from my favorite poem “The Invitation” which I open my live event “The Awakening” with, it goes like this:
I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away and if you truly like the company you keep in empty moments

For now, I invite you to use silence as a gift in your day to day life and be with your thoughts. Become aware of what you are mostly thinking about. It will give you a massive insight into the reasons why you are going through, what you are going through. You will learn it is because of the thoughts you are thinking about that situation.

If you have any lessons about when you went on your journey into your soul, then please share these on my Facebook Fan Page or in the comment box below. It would be great to hear from you.

Remember: Thoughts have things, things have gravity and gravity attracts! What are you thinking about?

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Until we connect, Keep allowing miracles

Sidra Jafri

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