Soul Spa
A magical retreat, that is specifically designed to integrate your body, mind, and soul.
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Experience The Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Rejuvenation That Will Completely Transform You For Your Life Ahead

Let’s face it…life can take a toll on us; it can seem like we just exist and are going through the motions, like a robot – empty and unfulfilled. We might have the perfect partner and the dream job, but something is still missing.

Once you start questioning the pointlessness of your life then it’s time for you to immerse yourself in Soul Spa. Soul Spa is a retreat specifically designed to integrate your mind, body, and soul. In these 5 magical days, you will embark on an inner journey that will totally shift your current vibration. As you dive deeper into the calling of your soul, you will raise your frequency, sense a brand new connection with life, which will revitalise you and lift up all those around you. You will finally experience the world as an expression of the divine!

By becoming your ascended self through the live facilitations and processes covered at Soul Spa, you will be able to dissolve all that no longer serves you to radiate more love, feel more empowered and manifest your dreams with ease and grace.

If you’ve been longing for that well-needed break from everyday life, so you can smile and dance again with life, join me for this exclusive 5-day retreat, which is limited to a small group of like-minded people.

During the Soul Spa, you will be able to:

  • Work with me as I help you to discover your soul signature and provide you with the tools to help you live your purpose.
  • Learn the techniques that will help you to journey into the unseen realm, do psychic readings, timeline readings and discover how to perceive and receive information.
  • Tap into my knowledge base to gain a deeper and better understanding of your journey.
  •  Equip yourself with the tools and know-how that will help you to let go of your past and give you the foundation to overcome any future obstacles.
  • Bridge the gap between the seen and unseen world so that you can live as a spiritual being with a human experience.

As soon as you align with your true purpose, the challenges and difficulties of the past will be put behind you for good, and you will gain a new sense of clarity and a new perception of seemingly challenging situations.

If you are tired of the stress, pain, money issues and relationship problems that weigh you down day after day, book your place for the exclusive Soul Spa today.


Pondicherry – 20 to 24th November 2018

Egypt – 14th – 18th December 2018

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